The Small School Advantage

Choosing the right school for their child is one of a parents most important decisions they will make, and in the Australian environment parents have the right to choose. Schools suit students at different stages, and often the child or the parent makes a choice to go to a particular school, and even to change schools when opportunities and circumstances change. Clarence Valley Anglican School is a co-educational school with an Anglican foundation, inclusive of all, caring and positive. Our mission is to nurture and prepare our students for life in a rapidly changing world. Our vision is to empower students to develop their skills, knowledge and values as members of the local and global communities. We offer a high-quality education from Pre-Kinder to the Higher School Certificate, emphasising care of students and their families, academic excellence, participation in a range of activities, links with the community, innovative pathways in education and growth in Christian and civic values of Respect, Opportunity, Community, Compassion and Diversity.

Luckily for many, small schools are still operating and are often more supportive of individual’s care while reaching high academic outcomes. Small schools can offer a more flexible learning program for the individual, fostering wellbeing in a way that is out of reach for a larger school.

Flexibility in learning – small schools are able to tailor learning to the individual, collaborating with staff who become familiar with their students in ways that are unlikely in a larger school.

Unique staff - because of the small number of staff in a small school, staff don’t collect in silos but are able to take on a variety of roles and get to know students in their school, rather than just a face in a class.

Close monitoring and tracking of learning – small schools can offer unique ways of tracking students who are not just a number, their individual needs can be monitored and supports put in place quickly when needed.

Relationships and connections - between students and staff are deeper as staff get to know their students in the playground, at sport times and in the small classes that are offered.

Partnerships between school and home - fosters belonging, leadership and social and emotional skills

Having a go - in a safe environment where students are not ‘lost in the crowd’ help students to learn from their mistakes and develop creativity.

There is much to be said for the small school advantage and the results are in themselves a pleasing reminder of the advantages to be had in a small school environment.

Child Safe Standards Statement

The School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people and expects all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment.