What to do and bring on your first day

A warm welcome to new students starting their education journey with CVAS!

What to do on the first day

We advise parents to ensure that a new student arrives by 8:30 am on their first day and check-in at Reception.

At the Cathedral Campus we will take the student and parent/s to their new classroom and the teacher will show the student where to place their bag and other belongings. At this point the teacher may introduce the new student to some of their class and they will escort them to the playground before the morning bell is sounded. The teacher will organise and introduce a "buddy" for the new student which can assist in calming any first-day nerves. We will explain to the parent/s where to collect their child after school. A student diary is given to all Cathedral Campus students which is taken home each day. Parents are asked to check this diary each day. This diary can be used quite well for daily correspondence between parents and teachers.

New Pre-Kinder students remain in the Pre-Kinder room after being welcomed by the teacher. Parents are to sign their child in and out each day in the Pre-Kinder lobby.

At the Clarenza Campus the relevant Co-ordinator or another nominated teacher will meet the new student at reception and take them to where they are to place their school bag and other belongings. The teacher will organise a "buddy" for the new student. They will be given their timetable and login to the school internet and Student Cafe. We will explain to the parent/s where to collect their child after school.

If a new student is catching a school bus we will ensure they know where to catch the bus in the afternoon.

What to bring on the first day

Students are normally asked to wear their formal uniform on the first day and bring to school a water bottle, recess and lunch. For high school students they should also bring along stationery and exercise books. Primary students will have stationery and exercise books provided.