A unique program for the year before Kindergarten

A child’s first experiences at school are among the most important in life. PreKinder is a unique program designed to prepare Preschool aged children with the necessary skills for Kindergarten.
— Kodi Pracy, Pre-Kinder Teacher
Pre-Kinder Enrichment & School Readiness

Our Pre-Kinder Enrichment & School Readiness Program are aimed at students who will be at school next year, preparing your child for the first years of schooling. Our sessions develop a love of learning as well as social awareness so that children have a positive start to school.

Targeted learning activities provide a smooth transition into ‘big school’ when your child attends Pre-Kinder. These include helping with your child’s organisation, looking after for their belongings and asking for help from a known adult.

The Walker Learning approach to multi-sensory learning is developed though a variety of activities. The children are able to develop skills in fine and gross motor by participating in visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities. These will assist students as they learn to read, write and work with numbers when they attend Primary School.

In Pre-Kinder the children learn:

  • Early Literacy & Numeracy Skills
  • Through fun activities focusing on seeing hearing and touching
  • To work in small structured groups
  • To develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Problem solving skills through Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) activities
  • The joy of music through our specialist teacher
  • Foundational language activities that are a focus throughout each day, including phonemic awareness and the use of quality literature to develop oral language skills – this forms the basis of reading and writing development
  • How to integrate with older students through attendance at assemblies and special events at the Cathedral Campus and sometimes even at Clarenza campus.

As parents you know that all children have a variety of ways of learning and our Pre-Kinder classes cater specifically for individual learners. We have small groups with our magnificent Miss Kodi who not only brings warmth and love to our students, but sound foundational skills to assist our students in CVAS: Learning for Life.

The Pre-Kinder program runs from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Monday to Friday through school term.