CVAS Parent Ambassadors

What is a Parent Ambassador?

A Parent Ambassador is a positive spokesperson, and community liaison between parents and the School who is a current CVAS parent who has applied and been accepted into the program by the CVAS Principal.

Be part of the conversation

A Parent Ambassador is a positive spokesperson who has regular conversations with the School towards common school goals, striving for excellence for the school community.

Get involved in what you want, when you can

This new program allows for parents with a passion for the School to get involved and positively promote CVAS interest areas, when applicable.

Share your CVAS knowledge

This program also gives parents the opportunity to share positive school knowledge from their perspective and extend the hand of friendship to new parents joining the school community.

The power to make a positive difference

Ambassadors have the power to make a difference. You never know when a particular conversation between an Ambassador and family is going to lead to a positive decision or when the bond an Ambassador creates with another parent is going to make them feel comfortable enough to join the school community.


Parent Ambassadors may get involved in class activities, school open days, curriculum and co-curricular evenings, breakfasts, social engagements, strategic planning and other school activities on an ad hoc basis.


A Parent Ambassador will engage as a parent leader within their class or year group and their year group coordinator as well as other staff within the School. Communications to ambassadors regarding community events, school events, class activities and programs or strategies will come through the Stage Coordinator.

Program launch

The Parent Ambassador Program will be launched in Term 3, 2023 as a prototype for the following years. Ambassadors will routinely go through a rollover process from one year to the next, changing their year level each year - for example from Year 5 to Year 6.


Parent Ambassadors will be selected and then announced through the school media networks and on the school website.

Parent Ambassadors will share positive stories of the School via conversations with families, online reviews and queries, and social media channels.

Applying parents must have a current Working With Children Check (WWCC) and provide the WWCC number.

Please upload a .pdf copy