Junior Primary

Clarence Valley Anglican School is dedicated to ensuring that each child is nurtured academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually throughout their educational journey from their first experiences in our Pre-Kinder to Stage Three.
— Mrs Sara Hume, Junior Primary Co-ordinator

Our Junior Primary students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2 attend the Cathedral Campus, situated in the centre of Grafton. We offer a personalised learning experience with our small class sizes and our spacious playground where students can explore and learn through play.

The Australian Based Walker Learning Approach that has been adopted by our Pre-K – Year 2 campus is a play-based learning approach where students learn through investigative play in an environment that sparks their imagination, curiosity and creativity. The sensory experiences provided in learning stations created through student interest enhance opportunities for exploration while linking to literacy, numeracy and other areas of the curriculum and skill development

The Literacy and Numeracy Action plan that has been implemented over several years in our Junior School enhances student learning through explicit and direct instruction of literacy and numeracy skills so that the foundations of learning provide balance to student learning.

Through supporting explicit assessment of our students at the start of Kindergarten we can ascertain individual needs to provide interventions at the foundation level, so our students achieve success from the beginning of schooling. Our students are well prepared for the rigours of senior school as they have confidence in their learning through positive experiences.