Senior School

As senior secondary students in Years 10,11 and 12 we recognise that our young people are setting themselves up in preparation for life after school. Our career pathways ensure that our students are work ready with transferable and employable workplace skills as well as individualised study programs to enhance transition to further education. Subject choices ensure that students further develop their interests and include accelerated courses so targeted students can complete HSC subjects before their final year.

Leadership opportunities are encouraged through development of the student Clubs program as well as selected House Leaders and School Leaders. Leading the Student Representative Council is an important aspect of senior leadership that enhances opportunities for community service as well as practising skills for the future. Our outdoor education farm, Farnworth, also provides opportunities for senior students to support the Adventures for Life program in the Junior Years as well as providing real life farm experiences for those undertaking Primary Industries certification.

Competition Sport

CVAS is a member of the North Coast Independent Schools Sports Association (NCIS) which organises sporting carnivals in AFL, Athletics, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Netball, Swimming, Tennis and Touch Football. This allows students to represent their School and also provides an opportunity for further selection in representative teams in the Combined Independent Schools Association at State level.

The School participates in a number of local competitions. Many sports are supported by the local newspaper – The Daily Examiner - which sponsors these competitions and provides publicity for the local Schools and participants.

Our success at State and National level is indicated by the number of CVAS students who have achieved at the highest level of their chosen sport. 

Outdoor Education

CVAS recognises the importance of experiential education as a key component of an all- round education for a student. With this is mind students in the Senior School from Years 7-11 participate in a range of Outdoor Education programmes on an annual basis.

The aim is to facilitate growth in individuals and groups by building healthy and dynamic human relationships using a combination of challenge, adventure, culture, fun and reflection. Students participate in outdoor pursuits, learn about the natural environment in which these pursuits take place and develop their intra and inter personal skills so that they can grow as individuals.