I have an extensive dance history in particular in Hip Hop and Contemporary dance in my younger years and transitioning to competitive Sports Aerobics as a uni student and throughout my 20’s. As a teacher I’ve taught in independent and Catholic schools throughout NSW for the past 16 years as a PDHPE , Dance and Primary Classroom teacher. Now my life path has brought me to CVAS.
— Dance Teacher, Hayley Hearfield

Dance is offered for boys and girls as an Elective to years 9 and 10 and through the  MPI prog to years 5, 6, 7 and 8. In the future we aim to offer Dance as a HSC subject. 

With dance in the educational setting we study Dance as an Artform, which is very different to the after school and weekends dance lessons in dance studios. Our main focuses are  performance, composition (where students creativity individually and as a team put the dance moves together to tell a story) and appreciation of dance (where we study many varied styles of dance through history). Within this students also learn about caring for our bodies in particularly our muscles due to the demands that dance can put on your body.