With multiple opportunities for all students to perform regularly, musicianship is fostered in a range of ensembles and therefore ensures each student to finesse their abilities and strengths to their full potential.
— Music Teacher, Miss Simone Smith

I am a seasoned Musician with 19 years' experience in the Music industry and the Music teaching profession. I enjoy seeing students learn and gain knowledge of the power of Music and how the arts make them think and feel things. Music is a strong and universal language that should be available to everyone and I love that I can be the vehicle for something that essentially lives in all of us as human beings.

In addition to this, CVAS offers exceptional resources to equip each student with not only the Music Academia, but also the tools and skills to springboard their inner Musician and Industry focused Music career, such as:

* Performance

* Recording and Sound Production

* Live Production

* New Media Literacies

* Music Technology

* Musical Theatre

* Composition