Farnworth Farm lease signed to develop educational facility

Facilities Friday, 24 Feb 2023

Pictured: Top row from left: Phillip Bonser (CVAS Chair), Shane Oxley (Business Manager for both BDC and CVAS), Nick Johnstone (BDC Principal), David Ford (BDC Chair).Lower row from left: Ted Clarke, Peggy Clarke.

On Friday 17 February 2023 - Bishop Druitt College (BDC), Clarence Valley Anglican School (CVAS), and donors Peggy and Ted Clarke signed the Farnworth Farm lease, formalising a long-standing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the three parties.

The lease will allow Bishop Druitt College to develop the farm into an educational facility for students, with a special focus on farming and outdoor education. The signing occurred at Bishop Druitt College, with Phillip Bonser (CVAS Chair), Nick Johnstone (BDC Principal), Shane Oxley (Business Manager for both BDC and CVAS), and David Ford (BDC Chair) present.

The Clarke family, who have owned and operated Farnworth Farm for over twenty years, are thrilled to have the farm used for educational purposes. Ted Clarke, one of the donors, said, "It's an honour to be part of this project that will allow future generations to learn about farming and outdoor education on our farm. We believe it is important for young people to understand the value of farming and the importance of agriculture in our society."

The educational facility will feature a range of activities, including outdoor education, livestock management, horticulture, and sustainable land management practices. BDC Principal Nick Johnstone said, "This is an exciting opportunity for Bishop Druitt College and Clarence Valley Anglican School to provide hands-on learning experiences in a unique environment. Farnworth Farm will be an outstanding addition to two already successful educational programs.

The lease signing marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Farnworth Farm, and the formalising of a partnership between BDC, CVAS, and the Clarke family. Karin Lisle (CVAS Principal), who was unable to attend the signing due to CVAS commitments, said, "This is an exciting development for both our schools, and we look forward to the opportunities it will provide for our students."

For more information, please contact:

Shane Oxley

Business Manager

Bishop Druitt College & Clarence Valley Anglican School

Phone: 02 6651 5644

Email: soxley@cvas.nsw.edu.au